Category: Workshops and Special Events

Honey Appreciation and Tasting Evening

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on June 30, 2015

Ever wanted to become a honey connoisseur or simply want to learn more about how honey gets its flavour, the different varieties of honey and how to identify quality honey? Join Jacqueline and Robert for an educative evening where you will taste a number of honeys and gain an appreciation of their qualities. You will […]

Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Making Workshop

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on July 12, 2013

Learn about the major steps of cheese making in this hands-on workshop. You will take part in the making of mozzarella and ricotta. There will be cheese to taste, made using the methods demonstrated. There is also a detailed hand-out that covers the cheese making process, the ingredients needed to coagulate milk and recipes for […]

Beekeeping Workshop

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on September 16, 2012

At the conclusion of the workshop participants will have a basic understanding of : Bee behaviour The major tasks in hive management The various major items that make up a bee hive and how to construct them There will be live bees and honeycomb to look at in a secure exhibition cabinet and a discussion […]

Sourdough Bread Workshop

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on August 20, 2012

During this hands on workshop you will make your own sourdough starter culture to take home. You will mix and hand knead a 1kg batch of sourdough. Shape and prepare dough for baking at home. And observe Rick baking a finished sourdough loaf.