BeekeepingAt the conclusion of the workshop participants will have a basic understanding of :

  • Bee behaviour
  • The major tasks in hive management
  • The various major items that make up a bee hive and how to construct them

There will be live bees and honeycomb to look at in a secure exhibition cabinet and a discussion of bee behaviour and hive management. The major items that make up a hive and their construction will be discussed. The equipment a beekeeper needs to work bees will also be reviewed. The major topics discussed will be:

  • Establishing a hive
  • Understanding the tasks to be carried out in spring
  • How to go about robbing and extracting honey
  • Swarm control

Participants will be limited to 8 to maintain an informal interactive format.

The cost is $65 (inc. GST) and will include:

  • A wooden beehive frame that will have beeswax foundation inserted as part of the workshop
  • A $5 discount on the book “Bee AgSkills” published by the NSW Department of Primary Industry (normally $27.50, $22.50 with discount.) The book is recommended and covers all the major topics with excellent photos.