Learn about the major steps of cheese making in this hands-on workshop.

You will take part in the making of mozzarella and ricotta. There will be cheese to taste, made using the methods demonstrated. There is also a detailed hand-out that covers the cheese making process, the ingredients needed to coagulate milk and recipes for the cheeses made on the day.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to coagulate milk using temperature, citric acid and rennet
  • Dehydrating the curd by cutting and draining
  • Stretching and shaping mozzarella
  • How to store your fresh cheese

Jacqueline Bender is a home cheese maker and loves to transform milk into creamy, mouldy and stinky cheese. She makes a range of soft and semi-hard cheeses, as well as other dairy ferments like yoghurt and kefir. She writes about cheese making and other sustainability topics on her website DIY Feast.

The class represents exceptional value as the attendance fee includes a discount of 20% on any kit or cheese making items you may purchase that you can take home to make your own fresh cheese.

The cost is $85 (inc. GST) and will include:

  • A 20% discount on Cheese Kits or cheese making items purchased in conjunction with the workshop
  • A cheese tasting of the cheeses made, plus a number of other cheeses at the conclusion of the workshop (a small “cheese party”)
  • Recipes for the cheeses made on the day
  • Detailed notes about the major steps of cheese making which you can apply to make a variety of cheeses

Participants will be limited to about 8 to maintain an informal interactive format.