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Grain Mills and Flour Milled to Order

Have you ever made bread with fresh flour straight from the mill? If not, stop by Bee Sustainable to try some freshly milled whole wheat, rye or spelt flour and taste the difference yourself. If you’re into bread making, freshly milled flour will take your bread to the next level both in flavour and nutrition. […]

Late Summer Hive Check: Should We Take Honey?

We thought it would be a good time to start up our beekeeping blog again – after a hiatus of a few years – to post some late summer advice as autumn is now officially upon us. We hope to keep these blog posts regular and informative – it’s our form of “after-sales service” and […]

Cultured Butter

Special thanks to Jacqueline for our blog this month! Check out to see more of  Jacqueline’s great information. Have you ever tried culturing your butter? Making butter at home is pretty darn easy, it’s delicious, and you have the option of culturing it for a European twist. Cultured butter is favoured in many European […]

Preserving Jars

Glass Preserving Jars and Bottles Bee Sustainable supplies Australia and new Zealand with quality equipment for the preserving and production of jams, preserves and lots more. We sell an extensive range of Australian-made Fowlers Vacola preserving jars and lids. Visit our Online Store for Preserving Jars & Bottles Please see our range of preserving equipment […]

Cheese Making Supplies Melbourne

Cheese Making Kits from Mad Millie are now being sold at Bee Sustainable

Laneway Learning – Urban Beekeeping Course

Everyone loves learning, but most evening classes seem like such a commitment. Laneway Learning is different. At Laneway Learning cheap, informal classes are hosted in anything that takes their fancy. Robert of Bee Sustainable has done classes on Urban Beekeeping and the current program can be seen at Check all their offerings at

Preserving Jars

Glass Preserving Jars and Bottles Melbourne We sell equipment for preserving natural foods making jams and more. We sell an extensive range of Australian-made Fowlers Vacola preserving jars and lids and we ship to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Visit our Online Store for Preserving Jars & Bottles Visit our online store to see […]

Honey in Bulk Now Available!

Today Thursday was the first day that Bee Sustainable has had registration to permit the packing and sale of honey to customers. The council, as they should, are quite rigorous in ensuring premises are of a standard to allow the safe handling

Shop Brunswick East

Bee Sustainable has found a location at 500 Lygon Street Brunswick East for a physical store. The fitout is currently occurring and the plan is to be open to the public in the second half February 2011. Advice will follow of the opening day closer to the event. Finally open on the 24th March 2011! […]


Here are some of our favourite links: Bee Keeper Groups in the Melbourne area The CERES bee group meeting informally on the 3rd Sunday of the month outside the organic shop at CERES at 10am; chat then look at the bees Ceres Bee Group The J Beekeeping School – meeting on the 2nd Thursday […]