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      Preserving Wax


      Fowlers Preserving Wax is the perfect airtight sealing agent for jams, pickles, chutneys and relishes.

    • Lip Balm - Unscented


      Made by Bee Sustainable from natural ingredients, including locally sourced beeswax, honey and organic almond oil. Suitable for sensitive skin types.

    • Lip Balm - Vanilla


      Made by Bee Sustainable from natural ingredients, including locally sourced beeswax, honey, organic almond oil and vanilla. Suitable for sensitive skin types.

    • Mad Millie Vegetarian Rennet 10 Tablets


      A macrobial rennet used to coagulate milk when making cheese and/or junket.

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      Pure Australian Beeswax 30g


      100% pure beeswax sourced in Victoria, Australia. Suitable for use in culinary applications, for candle making and in lotions.

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      Kleerview Covers


      A complete storage system for your carefully prepared bottles and jars of prepared preserves, jams and jellies.

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      Mad Millie Measuring Beaker and Cap


      A calibrated beaker used to dilute rennet or lipase in the right amount of cooled boiled-water to ensure it is evenly distributed within the milk.

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      Jamsetta is a unique pectin product which guarantees even the beginner jam maker a perfectly set jam.

    • Citric Acid 80g


      Refer to your recipes for dosages.

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      Foundation Bee Wax Full Depth


      A sheet of 100% beeswax foundation embossed with a honeycomb pattern and for placement in a full depth bee frame.

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      Dough Scraper


      A plastic utensil for quickly and efficiently scraping dough together. Held directly in the hand without a handle for maximum efficiency.

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      Frame (Flat Pack) Wooden Full Depth


      Made to have a beeswax foundation inserted and hang inside a Hive Body (or Bee Box), either 8 frame or 10 frame size. Made in New Zealand from sustainably grown pine.

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      Spring Clips


      $1.40 each Spring clips provide a simple way to hold the storeys of your hive together whilst releasing quickly when needed.