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    • Hive Body (Bee Box), 10 frame


      A home for the bees. The boxes are suitable for the brood chamber or to add levels above. Finger jointed (Dovetailed) 10 frame boxes made from Pine. The four pieces fit together very neatly to make the box.

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      Better Beekeeping by Kim Flottum (Book)


      Kim Flottum is the author of the very popular "The Backyard Beekeeper" and "Honey Handbook", in "Better Beekeeping" he takes serious beekeepers past the beginning stages, past the learning curves, and the days of early errors. "Better Beekeeping" is the ultimate guide to keeping stronger colonies and healthier, more productive bees.

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      Kit - Mad Millie Italian Cheese


      This kit is recommended for beginners as an easy entry point to the world of cheesemaking. It provides you with all the ingredients, equipment and recipes to make a variety of soft Italian cheeses, just add your own milk.

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      Hive Body (Bee Box) 8 frame Rebated - Pine


      A home for the bees. The boxes are suitable for the brood chamber or to add levels above. Rebated 8 frame boxes made from Pine. The 4 pieces fit together very neatly to make the box. The join at the corner is straight cut making a neat shelf for the pieces to come together. Less end grain is exposed and a very strong and long lasting box results.

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      Beekeeping For Dummies by Howland Blackiston (Book)


      "The information a beginner needs to keep bees with confidence." Bee Culture Magazine

      On back order; partial shipment
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      Popping Candy Plain 200g - MFID


      Popping Candy is a confectionary product produced for Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot. It is coated in clear cocoa butter which allows you to select your own chocolate.

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      Bee Keep Kitchen Pack


      Locally made beeswax wrap. Use it to replace gladwrap in your kitchen: shape it around a bowl, twist over a bunch of kale, wrap bread, cheese, half an avocado etc.

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      Organic Farming - an Introduction by Jennifer Laffan for NSW Dept Primary Industries


      How to farm in a way that cares for the environment, without using synthetic chemicals. Includes composting, earthworms, converting to organics and certification.

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      Agar Agar Powder 170g - MFID


      Agar Agar due to its high gelling properties is considered the king of gelling agents. It is an excellent thickening agent for many applications. Agar Agar powder can be substituted for the same quantity of gelatin in recipes. Product of Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot.

    • Beeswax Candle Roman Column


      Beeswax Candle Roman Column : A very large candle that will burn for 45 hours plus. Height ?? cm Diameter 5cm
      Weight 540gm (approx)

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      Easy Fill Kit to suit Piteba Oil Press


      An accesory to assist in feeding nuts, seeds or olives into the press

    • Sodium Alginate Powder 200g - MFID


      Sodium Alginate (Algin) is an extract of seaweed and is used as a thickener, a gelling agent, and emulsifier in the food industry. Sodium alginate performs two functions one it thickens a solution to increase the viscosity and two it binds tightly to calcium to form a gel. This binding is used by chefs the world over to make fake caviar or spheres. These spheres can be small tight drops or quite large blobs with liquid centres.

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      Calcium Lactate Powder 200g - MFID


      Calcium Lactate Gluconate is used for making spheres. It is a blend of two free-flowing powder calcium salts (calcium gluconate and calcium lactate) that produces a solution rich in bioavailable calcium. This product is used for calcium fortification of juices and non-clear beverages, infant food and as a therapeutic or nutritional supplement.