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      Growing Easy Herbs for beauty, fragrance and flavour by Penny Woodward


      How to plan and grow a herb garden from pots, patios and rockeries to larger areas. Detailed information on individual herbs and their uses.

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      Isomalt Granules 300g - MFID


      Isomalt (E953) is used in premium quality confectionery and food products. It is seen as an ideal alternative for conventional sugars or sweeteners. Replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio, providing both bulk and texture. The natural origin of our Isomalt is beet sugar from Europe. The crystalline structure of isomalt looks just like sugar and can be used as a principal ingredient in confectionery and other food products.

    • Soft Net Veil


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      Mad Millie Cheese Vat


      This is a 9 litre vat made from a non-reactive plastic that is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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      Beeswax Candle Column


      Beeswax CandleColumn Height 14 cm Diameter 5cm
      Weight 265gm (approx)

    • Feeder


      The feeder is designed to replace a frame in the hive and contain the sugar or honey syrup as chosen by the bee keeper. Black, plastic.

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      Calcium Chloride Granules 300g - MFID


      The main function for calcium chloride in food production is as a firming agent. Firming agents aid in turning liquids into solids some well known examples are tofu and cheese manufacture.

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      Natural Reed Banneton - Round Small


      Dough proofed in these baskets retains the ridged shape when baked to create a rustic looking bread. Diameter 16cm/Height 6cm

    • Spur Wheel Embedder


      Hand tool designed to embed wire in foundation. Brass wheel.

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      Bottle Tongs


      Bottle Tongs are an essential accessory as they enable the bottles to be removed without disturbing the lids which may risk the formation of a vacuum seal.

    • Jerky Spices Pepperoni


      Pepperoni Spice to use with the Jerky Gun. (See Jerky Works)

    • Jerky Spices Cracked Pepper and Garlic


      Cracked Pepper and Garlic Spice to use with the Jerky Gun. (See Jerky Works)

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      Hive Clamp with strap


      A metal strap wraps around the hive and clamps simply at the top to hold all the parts of your hive together.