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Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot

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      Popping Candy Plain 200g - MFID


      Popping Candy is a confectionary product produced for Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot. It is coated in clear cocoa butter which allows you to select your own chocolate.

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      Agar Agar Powder 170g - MFID


      Agar Agar due to its high gelling properties is considered the king of gelling agents. It is an excellent thickening agent for many applications. Agar Agar powder can be substituted for the same quantity of gelatin in recipes. Product of Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot.

    • Sodium Alginate Powder 200g - MFID


      Sodium Alginate (Algin) is an extract of seaweed and is used as a thickener, a gelling agent, and emulsifier in the food industry. Sodium alginate performs two functions one it thickens a solution to increase the viscosity and two it binds tightly to calcium to form a gel. This binding is used by chefs the world over to make fake caviar or spheres. These spheres can be small tight drops or quite large blobs with liquid centres.

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      Xanthan Gum Powder 200g - MFID


      Xanthan gum, along with guar gum, is one of the main substitutes used in gluten free baking.

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      Calcium Lactate Powder 200g - MFID


      Calcium Lactate Gluconate is used for making spheres. It is a blend of two free-flowing powder calcium salts (calcium gluconate and calcium lactate) that produces a solution rich in bioavailable calcium. This product is used for calcium fortification of juices and non-clear beverages, infant food and as a therapeutic or nutritional supplement.

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      Soy Lecithin Granules 130g - MFID


      Soy Lecithin is best known for its emulsifying attributes which give consistent texture to salad dressings and chocolate. Lecithin is very soluble in most cold aqueous mediums. GMO free.

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      Isomalt Granules 300g - MFID


      Isomalt (E953) is used in premium quality confectionery and food products. It is seen as an ideal alternative for conventional sugars or sweeteners. Replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio, providing both bulk and texture. The natural origin of our Isomalt is beet sugar from Europe. The crystalline structure of isomalt looks just like sugar and can be used as a principal ingredient in confectionery and other food products.

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      Calcium Chloride Granules 300g - MFID


      The main function for calcium chloride in food production is as a firming agent. Firming agents aid in turning liquids into solids some well known examples are tofu and cheese manufacture.

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      Vinegar Powder 100g - MFID


      This product is ideal for coating (eg chips in combination with salt) or blending (eg sauces or condiments).

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      Raspberry Pieces FD 20g - MFID


      Freeze Dried Raspberry pieces are ideal for: - Using in chocolate manufacture - Incorporating into museli or baking applications - As a garnish or inclusion in patisserie work

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      Raspberry Powder FD 40g - MFID


      Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder contains raspberries that have been broken up into random pieces and then crushed into powder. This fully flavour packed powder is ideal for so many applications across many culinary fields. Non GMO.

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      Strawberry Pieces FD 20g - MFID


      Strawberry Pieces FD These strawberry pieces have been cut and freeze dried from whole strawberries. The whole fruit is frozen and then transferred into our freeze drying machine. After many hours the fruit is removed with no water content but maximum flavour.

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      Strawberry Powder FD 40g - MFID


      Freeze Dried Strawberries that have been broken up into random pieces and then crushed into powder. This fully flavour packed powder is ideal for so many applications across many culinary fields.

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      Thick N Cold 180g - MFID


      Thick N Cold is naturally derived from plant sources. Thick N Cold can be used to thicken liquids to a point where they can be piped into macarons, cakes or even quenelled on a plate.