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Gabled Lid 8 Frame - Constructed

An 8 frame, gabled lid with side and end ventilation. Cooler in summer and drier in winter. Marine ply which can be painted make the roof with timber sides. For your convenience this lid comes constructed.



The unique design of this lid reduces condensation, thus keeping bees warmer and healthier in winter. The lid also acts to keep bees cooler in summer through the increased lid space and greater ventilation. It is the shape of the gable and the added side ventilation of these lids that helps to reduce condensation within the hive. The lid also has an overhang that cools and protects the hive body below. The sloping roof will also please the onlooker and increase the positive sentiment they will have for the bee hive (“it looks like a little house”).  Use of a  hive mat above the frames in the top level is recommended. It is suggested to use spring clips to fasten the lid to the hive body. (The  hive bodies in the photographs are not included)

Timber and recycled plastic.:
8 frame: