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Isomalt Granules 300g - MFID

Isomalt (E953) is used in premium quality confectionery and food products. It is seen as an ideal alternative for conventional sugars or sweeteners. Replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio, providing both bulk and texture. The natural origin of our Isomalt is beet sugar from Europe. The crystalline structure of isomalt looks just like sugar and can be used as a principal ingredient in confectionery and other food products.


Masterchef Australia product usage:
Isomalt was used by Adriano Zumbo for the Hansel & Gretel House challenge in masterchef season 3. It formed the edible glass windows also in Heston’s ginger bread house.
Isomalt was used by Shannon Bennett in his Peach Melba recipe on masterchef season 4
Isomalt was used in the Masterchef 2013, Lolly Bag Cake pressure test by Bernard Chu.