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J. B. Shackleton's Picnic Hamper, Gourmet Dark Orange Marmalade with brown sugar and treacle.

Thick cut Victorian oranges are steeped for days then simmered slowly to soften the peel – then rested again before being cooked with 100% soft brown sugar and a large dollop of treacle. This marmalades this has no gums, colours or fillers.


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Picnic Hamper is very like the famous, classic, English, “Oxford” Marmalade of the 1920s which was served in the Colleges of Cambridge and Oxford and
exported all over the world. The marmalades were supplied by famous companies like Fortnum & Mason and Harrods and found their way into the picnic hampers of British Colonial servants and intrepid travellers in the far flung parts of the Empire to sustain them on journeys such as those on the Orient Express.
This exquisite, old fashioned marmalade is perfect for a present or to use in a hamper and improves with age.

230 gms:
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