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Urban Farming by Thomas J. Fox(Book)

This book is about large and small projects in urban and suburban areas, including; planting green roofs, successful raised garden beds on concrete, community gardens, micro flocks of chickens and beekeeping.


Topics include:

  • Portraits of successful urban farmers
  • Growing techniques and types of gardens
  • Plant management and safe pest control
  • A dissertation on dirt (or more about soil than you’ve ever imagined!)
  • Watering techniques
  • Fertilisers and composts
  • The goodies, berries and fruits!
  • DIY garden projects
  • Creating your own garden calendar
  • Companion planting, seed selecting, seed starting, harvesting
  • Backyard critters; goats, rabbits, chickens, fish and bees.

Urban Farming starts with a big picture look at food needs and production and how we can each play our part in a more sustainable future for the planet, using our backyards, balconies or containers. Fox is a passionate and articulate urban farmer who is out to convert us into capable and sustainable householders.