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The Cleaner Plate Club by Beth Bader and Ali Benjamin (Book)

More than 100 recipes for Real Food your kids will love. (Additive and Preservative Free)


A down to earth guide for busy parents trying to raise healthy kids. This book introduces kids to clean, real foods that don’t come from a box in the freezer or a drive through window.

The pages are full of tips, recipes and information, coloured pictures and photographs help to make the book an interesting addition to the kitchen that the whole family can share and discuss. A great family reference.

The chapters cover everything from nutrition, shopping, and pantry basics to falling in love with vegetables. Recipes are provided that are appealing to the whole family. Spinach sauteed in parmesan and butter, pancakes made from oatmeal and flavoured by ginger and banana, brussell sprouts can be fun! Healthy snacks and sauces can be quick and simple to prepare and drastically reduce sugar, salt and chemical intake. Part of the dinner section is devoted to super quick meals that can be prepared by a tired parent rather than a trip to the take away.

A recommended book.

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