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Late Summer Ferment: Tomato Salsa

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on March 20, 2017

  Here’s a fantastic recipe from Molly Bryson, Bee Sustainable’s fermentation expert and Unlock the Cosmos Within workshop facilitator. My practice in fermentation began four years ago, around the same time I started worm composting, keeping bees and rabbits, experimenting wherever I could. Fermenting appealed to my permaculture sensibilities – it’s safe, requires few tools, little […]

Local Inspiration: You say tomato, I say….

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on June 2, 2016

We’re celebrating hidden home food producers! We’re trying something new with our Bee Sustainable general newsletters: each season, we’ll share a story of the backyard preserving, producing that’s happening all around us. You’ll see what folks are making at home, how they’re doing it and why they love it. Then we post that here, on […]

Wintering your Hive: Winter Beekeeping Advice

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on May 25, 2016

Folks, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to be doing as the weather is cooling down…. Until yesterday, autumn has so far given us some of the mildest weather that I can remember for this time of year. Unseasonal as it may appear to us humans, it has been a great benefit […]

Late Summer Hive Check: Should We Take Honey?

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on March 3, 2016

We thought it would be a good time to start up our beekeeping blog again – after a hiatus of a few years – to post some late summer advice as autumn is now officially upon us. We hope to keep these blog posts regular and informative – it’s our form of “after-sales service” and […]

Preparing your hive for winter

By Bee Sustainable Moderator on April 15, 2014

It’s practically winter and hopefully your hive has given you enough honey to hold you over till next year. Now as May approaches we must prepare the hive so it can make it through winter in a strong and healthy condition and be ready for next spring. This is a critical time to prepare your […]