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Agar Agar Powder 170g - MFID

Agar Agar due to its high gelling properties is considered the king of gelling agents. It is an excellent thickening agent for many applications. Agar Agar powder can be substituted for the same quantity of gelatin in recipes. Product of Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot.


Agar Agar is also known by its Japanese name Kanten, Agar is derived from Gracilaria (Gelidium species) a bright red sea vegetable growing off the coast of Japan (Gleidium purpurascens).

Agar Agar produces a firm, clear jelly that is rich in iodine and trace minerals and can have mildly laxative effect if consumed in large quantities. Agar agar has stronger setting properties and, unlike gelatin which requires refrigeration to set, it will set at room temperature after about an hour – although it is advisable to store dishes gelled with agar agar in the fridge as it is a high protein food. This Agar Agar powder has a minimum gel strength of 1000units. Some slight adjustments maybe necessary to your recipe if a weaker agar powder has been used previously.