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Honey - Varietal

Honey may be purchased by calling he shop directly during business hours 03 9939 7301


On back order; partial shipment

Bee Sustainable stocks a large range of varietal honey; typically we stock Ironbark, Yellow Box, Blackberry, Banksia, Leatherwood and many other types that include Orange Blossom, Clover, and Macadamia.

The honey is not heat treated, is pure, never blended (natural blends are sometimes offered), given only a light filter to remove any hive debris or bee parts.

You will need to call the shop during business hoursĀ  (03 9939 7301) to arrange the shipment of honey.

Alternately choose a honey club subscription at the online shop to receive 4 varietal honeys (each jar is 285gm) 4 times a year (total 16 jars of honey each year) for $140 including postage to anywhere in Australia.



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