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Popping Candy Plain 200g - MFID

Popping Candy is a confectionary product produced for Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot. It is coated in clear cocoa butter which allows you to select your own chocolate.


Popping Candy Plain
This popping candy is coated with cocoa butter to allow its inclusion in chocolate manufacture. The pop will not result when it is added into the chocolate mix but when it is in the mouth. Popping candy is very hydrophilic so it is best to store in its original container away from water, humidity and heat. This product is being used by some people in ice cream presentation.

Sugar , Glucose, cocoa butter, lactose.

MasterChef Australia
This product was used by Zumbo for the Hansel and Gretel House challenge in masterchef season 3.
This product featured heavily in Bernard Chu’s creation known as the Lolly Bag Cake in season 4

How to cook like Heston
Used to coat the bright green potato donuts in the potato episode.
This neutral popping candy is also used in the exploding biscuit base of Heston’s chocolate ganache gateau.

Height 12 cm: