medium_947ceb40-1998-0134-2490-0612b9e34385Ever wanted to bake sourdough bread at home? Creating your own sourdough bread is easier than you might think. Join Rick, of The Life We Want as he demonstrates this age old process and introduces you to the equipment and skills required to get started baking at home.

With a Naturopathic degree and over a decade’s experience teaching nutrition, our demonstrator Rick Lavender has a wealth of knowledge to share. Baking sourdough bread has been a natural response for Rick to the challenge of living a healthy life.




At the conclusion of the workshop you will have a basic understanding of :

  • How to create and look after your own Sourdough starter culture
  • What kind of flour to use for the best nutrition and results
  • The equipment needed to produce a great looking and tasting sourdough tin loaf at home
  • How to knead sticky high hydration dough for a more authentic sourdough loaf
  • What bread dough looks and feels like at its various stages of preparation and development
  • How to bake sourdough bread using a bread tin in a home oven

During this hands on workshop you will make your own sourdough starter culture to take home. You will mix and hand knead a 1kg batch of sourdough shape and prepare dough for baking at home and observe Rick baking a finished sourdough loaf.

IMG_2470 (1)

Participants will be limited to 8 to maintain an informal interactive format.

The workshop will include:

  • Comprehensive notes and recipe
  • Sourdough starter culture
  • Discount on a professional quality bread tin

*A bread tin will be required for this class. You can bring your own (450g size is good) or purchase one at the workshop at a discounted rate.

*Keep your afternoon free to bake your loaf at home. (Alternatively you can place it in the fridge ready to be baked the next day.)